About Santa

santa charles 100 pixelsSanta Claus, a.k.a. Santa Charles the Servant Santa has been portraying Santa for the last fifteen years.  He refers to being Santa as the “Gift,” and that the “Gift” chooses you, not you the “Gift.”  The most recognized figures in history are Jesus Christ and Santa  Claus. Which seems to be an oxymoron, because no one actually knows what Jesus or Santa looked like?  Yet the images of what we imagine them to be like are burned into our minds.

Servant Santa seeks to emulate the Spirit of the first Santa Claus,  “St.  Nickolas of Myra. “ St. Nickolas” was a bishop in the 3rd Century who was known as a protector of children, compassionate benefactor of the poor, and spent his whole life serving people, and serving God.This being said, Servant Santa believes it is a tremendous honor and responsibility to portray the image of Santa Claus within the character and customs of St. Nicholas of Myra in mind.

Servant Santa’s mission is to spread joy, wonder, awe, and the message of God’s love, to all he comes in contact with.  To make every child young and old, to feel like the “only child” having Santa’s full attention, even if it’s just for a moment in time.  He provides magical memories that resurface over and over throughout that person or child’s life.

Although Servant Santa’s primary focus in on charity and non-profit work, he is available for commercial retail work. It is this retail work that enables him to focus on his primary mission.  Go to our “Availability” tab to see what Servant Santa has to offer and let him host your event.