Everybody wants a visit from the real Santa Claus.  And, you can’t get much more real than Servant Santa.  He is an experienced veteran Santa of fifteen years.  He has a custom “Santa Wool Suit” (patterned after a catholic bishop) tailored just for him, not an “off the shelve Santa costume”.  Custom leather boots, real tooled leather belt, and a handmade golden belt buckle add to the magic and  other accessories include a ruby Claus family insignia ring and a set of magical keys made in the 1700’s that can unlock any door, because not everyone has a chimney for him to come down.  He has the appearance of a jolly fellow, with a real beard, real belly that shakes like a bowl of jelly, apple cheeks, and a hearty Ho-Ho-Ho!  Santa‘s schedule fills up quickly, so don’t delay in reserving the date and time for your event.  Below is a list of ideals and events Servant Santa can assist you with:

•           Home Gift Deliveries / Including Engagement Rings & Anniversary Rings
•           Office & Corporate Christmas Parties / Open House Events
•           Advertising, Television Commercials & Promotions
•           Community Christmas Tree Lightings / Parades *
•           Home Visits / Family Christmas Gatherings
•           Hospital / Hospice / Nursing Home Visits *
•           Professional Photo Sessions w/Santa
•           Civic Organization & Charity Events *
•           Breakfast / Brunch w/Santa
•           Church & School Events *
•           Retail Store / Restaurant Events
•           Sorry, No Naughty Santa shenanigans.

*Events may be considered charity work after an initial interview.

Servant Santa is also an ordained minister who can perform wedding ceremonies, should you be considering a Christmas wedding.  Only weddings meeting Biblical standards will be performed, and of course counseling sessions will have to be scheduled.

“Santa is insured and background checked for your peace of mind.”