Santa’s Prayer


This is my story; please lend me your ear.
It’s about what I do year after year.
On Christmas Eve’s night, as I travel about,
I visit the all homes of the world,
Even those in whom Christ Jesus they doubt.

 Regardless of race or religion,
I travel the world region by region.
To each home, both large and small,
Rooftop to rooftop I visit them all.
This will I do all in one night,
And finish before dawn’s early light.

In some homes the children are sick and sad,
Or the parents are poor, or very bad.
No dreams of Sugar plums and candy canes
Dance in their heads,
Only of loneliness and hunger pains,
That fill them, is their daily bread.
In those homes the children there grieve,
The Spirit of Christmas, they don’t believe.

I have a sack full of toys, that’s material stuff,
But for those homes toys just aren’t enough.

So I tiptoe in and kneel by their beds.
I quietly bend down and kiss their sweet heads.
And pray a special prayer to God above,
“Please let the Spirit of Christmas descend like a dove.”
And bless each child by His Spirit that Lives,
And meet the needs of each child
Who gets not love, but simply gives.

Heal their wounds, and wipe their tears,
Deliver them from all their hurts and fears.
Bless them and keep them close to Your heart,
And give me the strength to do my part.
Please God hear me as I pray,
And may You answer me without delay.

Father God at times it’s a very hard task,
Not to give what each child has asked.
When I should grant some child’s wishes,
And to others give prayers and kisses.

May everyone know the true Christmas Story,
That it may bring only You not me, honor and glory.
I hope in time the children understand,
As I leave their homes with a flick of my nose
And sleigh reigns in my hand.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,
Amen and Amen!

Copyright Santa Charles 2011